Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Our Mission

PhoChron is pioneering the use of the internet as the means to collaborate and publish your most memorable publication. Making it easy and fun for large groups of people to share memories and tell stories, PhoChron's patented technology is providing the publishing industry with a valuable personal connection with their audience.

PhoChron has developed a patented large scale content management, collaboration and publishing technology used to provide highly differentiated publishing products and services to schools, enterprises and consumers. PhoChron provides the traditional publishing markets with a complementary use of the internet to serve the fast changing demands of our hyper-connected world. Every day more and more people are online and collaborating on projects both at work and at home. Yearbook customers are using PhoChron's technology to reach out and bring more value to their community of parents and students.

PhoChron's YBsoftware product suite for school yearbook publishing demonstrates the tremendous impact that the internet can make to energize and revitalize a cultural treasure: "the school yearbook". With growing student enrollments, it has become a daunting task to publish a school yearbook that leaves no one behind. Today, PhoChron's technology is using the internet to energize student contribution and participation to their school yearbook and proving that the company has a clear vision of the future of publishing.

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