Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Our focus on innovation has revolutionized the industry and changed how your yearbook staff works. PhoChron offers the best in both online and desktop publishing methods to create yearbooks.

Online Publishing Tool

YBpublish is the original patented online yearbook creation tool that helps you plan, manage, create and print your yearbook – all at no extra cost to you. Loads of pre-designed and customizable layouts, a huge selection of fonts, and all the tools you need to make sophisticated books. It’s like a virtual yearbook classroom where you can access all the details of your book anytime, anywhere.

See how easy it is to use YBpublish.

Desktop Publishing Tool

Send PDF

Send PDF gives experienced users full creative reign over the publishing process. We offer blank Adobe® InDesign® templates tailored for use with all of our book sizes, papers, and cover types. Or use our detailed specifications to create PDFs using your favorite layout tool. Once your page and cover PDFs are ready, simply upload and order your book. 

Desktop Publishing Software

Adobe Indesign





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